Monday, 28 March 2016

Reno Rumble Reveals WK1

Hayley and Jimmy

This weeks judging was very harsh considering it is only the first week. Hayley and Jimmy's Master Bedroom scored a dismal 5 from both judges. In my opinion Hayley and Jimmy were ripped off as far as scoring goes. Their room was great. It included lots of storage, seating and lighting. Overall a good room.I cannot fault it.

When it came to judging the Living and Dining room, the judges finally had some sense slapped into them. They finally fairly scored Hayley and Jimmy an overall 14/20. In my opinion the rooms were really good, the only faults are the dining chairs and the blue arm chair.

Dane and Leanne

Overall the kitchen was good.. Although the splash back and LED lighting are hideous. LED lighting has always been a trend on The Block and they usually make it work but here I don't think they have. They scored a combined 15 for their kitchen

This Guest Bedroom received mixed reviews from the judges and other contestants. They included a horrific pendant light that looked like it was straight off the set of Harry Potter. And the mirror, oh the mirror. Hideous. 

Steve and Holly

Boring. Just boring. I understand that this is only a study but it is really bland. They could've painted a wall to make it look less plain. It scored a 5 from Colin.  The same score as Jimmy and Hayley's Master Bedroom. 

This room is great. Isn't it hard to believe that the couple that delivered that boring Study have delivered this bathroom. With inspiration from Shay and Dean, this was my favourite room so far.

Please note that we will only be reviewing the winning teams rooms!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Reno Rumble Filiming Not Finished!

Despite currently airing the second season of Reno Rumble, they are still filming the season. Thanks to Sanchipr for sharing these great Reno Rumble pics. She also met Lisa and John on set. Lisa and John made it to the Grand Final?!? Although my favourites are Jim and Hayley, my personal prediction for grand finalists are 'Lisa and John' and 'Holly and Steve'

Reno Rumble Easter Screening Changes!

Channel 9 has decided that for the non-ratings period of Easter that they will screen Reno Rumble Sunday-Tuesday as opposed to Monday-Wednesday. Channel 9 were not planning to screen RR on Sundays but they have changed their mind. The change should be permanent due to the fact that the only day that MKR does not screen is Sunday.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

East Or West ?

Tonight marks the first reveals of Reno Rumble. The premiere night had utterly disappointing ratings so make sure you tell your friends to watch Reno Rumble so that we can enjoy it for a full season. We will be posting pictures of all the rooms and giving our review of all so stay tuned for that. The Blockinator Forum is a great place to discuss with other Rumblers about your personal thoughts of each room and each contestant. Remember to tune in Wednesday for the first Reveals where one team will score immunity!